Research & Development Services

Darton offers a comprehensive Research and Development program to help you design a sleeve that will far exceed the limits of the stock block. Darton uses some of the most technologically advanced tools made today to get the specifications necessary for us to begin production. We take the block and evaluate every detail in order to develop the right sleeve the first time. Once the initial evaluation and basic measuring of the block is complete we can inform the custom of what their sleeving options will be.

Not many people know that at least 65% of the sleeves Darton stocks are a direct result of Darton’s in house Research and Development. After many successful years of Research and Development Darton has also engineered 100% of all the blank sleeves most commonly used for custom applications.

All of the Patented Modular Integrated Deck (M.I.D.) Sleeve Kits come straight from Darton’s R&D program. We have the technology to take just about any block and create a M.I.D. Sleeve Kit for it. Keeping in mind not all blocks can support the M.I.D. Sleeve due to casting restraints, we are able to come up with a sleeve that would be suitable for the application or needs of the customer.

Please contact Darton for available R&D Services for your block.