Customer Notice

Darton Sleeves has strived during these trying times to maintain exceptional customer service by always answering the phone, emails and other ways customers have communicated with us.

We also have maintained a reasonable full inventory of materials necessary to fulfill our customer needs on a timely basis without extra long lead times, for stocking items and custom parts.

However, we are not immune to worldwide conditions of supply disruptions and raw material price increases. In addition, transportation costs have exploded; Gasoline, diesel fuel and methods of world-wide distribution are severely limited and scarce and increasing in costs as much as 300%

In an effort to maintain exceptional customer service and reasonable deliveries of sleeve orders we must respond to the prices from all our suppliers which are increasing, almost on a daily basis, from raw materials, shipping supplies, electricity, tooling and all other types of supplies necessary to maintain production.

Darton has not raised our prices effectively in three years, however the issues described here are making necessary for us to begin price increases in the third quarter of 2021. We anticipate moderate increases in the range of 7-9%. Thereafter we will respond to all the worldwide conditions as required, but always we will limit our increases to the absolute minimum as necessary to assure for stable company operations and dependable deliveries in reasonable times.