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Primer on Engine Cooling

By Dave Clinton

All mechanisms which produce power create heat; that heat must be accommodated somehow. From nuclear power plants, wind generators and of course automobile engines, street or racing.

The focus of this treatise is high horse power liquid cooled engines.

Much of what I have learned started when I became an airplane owner. Read more...

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Formation Flying - The Art

Formation Flying - The Art

By Dave Clinton

In 1983 I sold my last P51 Mustang, the maintenance had become to burdensome. In 1984 I bought my first and only T-28 which I flew until 1998 when I sold it to Russ Myer, the CEO of Cessna Aircraft.

I had flown the T28 in the Navy, it was categorized as an intermediate trainer. You could always tell where T-28s were parked because of the large deposits of oil left on the ground, and the T-28 was referred to as a Thunder Pig because it was such an oily mess. The laws of physics applied aptly to the T-28; when the engine was shutdown, all the hot oil would drain to the bottom of the engine and lower cylinders; then the overflow in the lower cylinders would overflow and leak on the ground and on start up the engine would belch a large quantity of liquid oil out the exhaust stacks. The Navy’s solution was to paint the side of the aircraft with wide black arched stripes on each side of the fuselage to mask the oil deposits. Read more...

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Darton Sleeves Notice

Darton sleeves wishes to advise all current and future customers that our company is fully operational and staffed during the current national concern surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19).

Darton is producing all orders received and supporting all commitments of custom orders, orders for off the shelf inventory and professional race teams along with all OEM accounts and distributors.

Our raw material supply lines, both domestic and international are strong and unaffected by current government edicts concerning the transportation of raw material from any place in all parts of the world.

Our workforce is complete and healthy and Darton is doing our part to assure the best possible employee protection against any virus by taking extra precaution in hygiene, workshop cleanliness and availability of necessary sanitary agents for all concerned. Our showroom and facility is open and fully functional to support customers and visitors alike.

Any change that may affect our ability to provide quality sleeve manufacturing and/or deliveries will be promptly noticed to all of our customers.

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