How to Ship a Block

1. We recommend the use of two high burst rate boxes.

2. Put the two boxes together and add a piece a cardboard to the bottom of the box.

3. Place block inside box with the mains down or if main girdle is attached top down. Use cardboard to reinforce the outside of the box and then use either bubble wrap or more cardboard to fill in the extra space.

 Note: Do not use peanuts when shipping blocks. The peanuts are not enough to keep the block from breaking through the side of the box.

4. Place another piece of cardboard on the top of the block and tape shut inside block.

 Note: Do not place loose parts in the box. Put all hardware in a plastic bag.

5. Tape up the top of the box completely and ship.


Make sure the block is completely stripped of all parts. The only thing we need on the blocks is the main caps and bolts.

Make sure the block is completely clean of all grease, oil and dirt. We prefer that the blocks get hot tanked. If the block is dirty when it arrives there may be an extra charge for us to hot tank the block.

Make sure you add enough insurance to cover the price of the block should damage occur during shipping. The most common reason you do not get a claim approved is due to the block not being packaged correctly.

Do not ship V8 blocks in a cardboard box!!! Use a shipping container or ship block on a pallet. If you cannot get a container we can supply you with one.

Please Contact Us before shipping your block. Thank you.

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